Soundtracks - Seiken Densetsu DS – Children of Mana – Original Soundtrack

Children of Mana OST Cover Publisher: Square Enix
Catalog No.: N/A
Release Date: 09/May/2006
Composed by: Kenji Ito, Masaharu Iwata, Takayuki Aihara
Arranged by:
Format: iTunes


Kenji Ito, who composed the original Seiken Densetsu soundtrack, is back again, this time with Iwata of Ogre Battle fame and Aihara, composer of the Drag-on Dragoon series, to provide us with this, the first soundtrack for a game on the Nintendo DS. Iwata in particular shines through on this album with tracks like “Tower of the Flickering Prayer”, a great theme for the introductory level (always a must in videogames, as Mega Man fans will know). Ito’s signature tune, Rising Sun, makes an appearance again, as in all the Seiken Densetsu games he has been involved in. But where things really pull together is during the first track, where all three composers participate in making the opening track for the game’s introductory video.

Overall it’s a solid soundtrack, and some tunes are likely to get stuck in one’s head (if only from their overplay during the game, like the Town Theme). There has been no arrangement on this album, so it is as it sounds in the game itself. Also this game is the first release in the series to be only available on iTunes and not as a physical disc. Even so the tracklist was divided into discs with possibly a future release in mind, though none has been announced.

Track Listing

No. Track Title In-game use Duration
Disc 1 – 43:51
1 Breath of Mana-for the Glory Intro FMV Sequence 01:44
2 Rising Sun Title Sequence 02:17
3 The Ensemble of Children Save screen 01:14
4 Tale of the Distant Sun Prologue 02:43
5 Longing Mana Town Theme 02:28
6 Creeping Pulsation Meeting in Town 02:58
7 Emergency Pressing situation 01:41
8 Beyond the Blue Sky Overworld travel 02:24
9 Tower of the Flickering Prayer Mana Tower level 02:28
10 Peaceful Underground Lake Star Lake level 02:45
11 Storm of the Red Sand Fiery Sands level 03:29
12 Frozen Majesty Ice Citadel level 03:06
13 Monster of the Forest Brightwood level 03:24
14 The Wind Sings Loudly   03:24
15 King of Chaos Mana Lord’s Theme 02:57
16 The Blocking Menace Boss Appears 01:29
17 Evil Beast Malevodon Boss Battle 02:19
18 Triumphant Return Level Complete 00:48
19 The Desire Vanishes Game Over 00:13
Disc 2 – 41:42
1 Together with Comrade-in-Arms Multiplayer Menu 01:24
2 Singing Voice of Light Benevodon/Gaia/Treant Theme 02:53
3 Challenge Heroic Storyline Event 02:53
4 The Ruined Ground Ruins level 03:03
5 Fate Path of Life level 03:32
6 Rut of the Crystal Cosmic Rift level 04:06
7 The Shaking Earth Pillars of Mana revealed 01:38
8 The Sky’ Lamentation Forces of Evil winning Event 02:29
9 Grasslands of Eternity   02:19
10 Trial Non-Malevodon Boss Battle 03:13
11 The Thunder Emperor’s Aloofness Mana Lord Boss Battle 02:41
12 Infant of Mana Scion of Mana Boss Battle 04:03
13 The Desire Not Forgotten Memories of Parents 02:42
14 The Beginning of a New Legend Ending Theme – Credits Roll 04:46

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