Soundtracks - Seiken Densetsu – Heroes of Mana – Original Soundtrack

Heroes of Mana OST Cover Publisher: Square Enix
Catalog No.: SQEX-10095~6
Release Date: 18/Apr/2007
Composed by: Yoko Shimomura
Arranged by: Yoko Shimomura
Format: 2CD Set and iTunes

For Mana’s second game on the DS Brownie Brown turned to Shimomura, composer of the critically acclaimed Legend of Mana and Kingdom Hearts soundtracks. The soundtrack is nothing short of impressive, mixing the unique style of Shimomura with influences from some of the themes created by Kikuta in Seiken Densetsu 3. While in the game itself, the sound is quite substandard due to compression, the CD boasts a high quality sound as one would expect.

Creating a whole new set of melodies, the tracks fit perfectly to all situations in the game, and are varied enough to not get too monotonous. Tracks of particular mention are the heroic main theme “To the Heroes of Old”, the sinister “Ring of Revolving Fate” and the rocking “Battle Vs Celestan”. Whether you’ve played the game or not, you must get this.

Track Listing

No. Track Title In-game use Duration
Disc 1 – 1:12:57
1 To the Heroes of Old Intro FMV 01:52
2 HEROES of MANA Title Screen 02:49
3 The Premonition Begins Story Prologue 02:33
4 Charge! Under heavy attack / Near death 02:36
5 Let’s Begin the Story Chapter Start 00:10
6 The Beast Kingdom Beast Kingdom events 02:36
7 Army of the Beast King Battle relating to Beast Kingdom 03:40
8 Tense Movement Desperate developments 02:16
9 Power to Tomorrow Victory Theme 01:12
10 A Moment’s Rest Overworld Theme 01:16
11 Set Up Character Select 04:38
12 The Way This Heart Is Free Battle and Other Battles 04:38
13 Black Mirror Events relating to Black Mirror 02:11
14 Kingdom of the Wind Events related to Laurent 02:39
15 Tale of the Old Nostalgic Kingdom Battle to liberate a captured kingdom 04:03
16 Prayer for the Holy Capital Wendel related events 03:25
17 Gazing at the Dream of the Flowing Sand Nevarl related events 02:07
18 At the End of the Hot Sands Battle in Nevarl 03:26
19 Hidden Light Mana Stone appears 01:52
20 Make the Oath, Friend Euhanny related events 03:16
21 And Thus Fate Becomes Cruel Euhanny/Elena Battle 03:55
22 Retreat Game Over 02:49
23 With Courage and Prayer Valseng related event 04:16
24 The Dragon Emperor Valseng Battle 04:14
25 Summoning the God Beast God-Beast Summon FMV 01:02
26 A Time of Happiness Ranking 01:13
27 Strategy Meeting Meeting at Wendel 02:13
Disc 2 – 1:12:56
1 Song of Ice and Snow Altena event 03:40
2 A Cold Beat Altena Battle 04:34
3 To the Heroes of Old Later non-kingdom specific battles 03:23
4 An Offering to King Annais King Annais’ Theme 03:42
5 The Battle VS. Celestan Battle against Celestan 03:25
6 The Knights of the Wind Corridor of Wind 03:14
7 Make an Effort Ending 02:39
8 Tenacity Save screen / Wifi 02:31
9 Secret Objective Free Battle 03:55
10 The Wings of Soaring Reality Flammie related event 02:33
11 Battle with the God Beast Free Battle 03:59
12 Sadness Death of Euhanny/Elena/Other 02:11
13 Why are we without Hope… Overworld Theme late in the game 03:50
14 Illusionary Fragment Jungle of Illusion 03:53
15 Ring of Revolving Fate Master of Mirages appears 02:08
16 It’s Either Real or Not Battle against Master of Mirages 03:24
17 The Trembling Earth, the Time of Fate Battle against Master of Mirages 03:54
18 And Those Who Finally Reached Their Destination Battle against Dark Goddess Pt1 04:15
19 Time for the Mark to Ruin Battle against Dark Goddess Pt2 04:28
20 With the Holy Sword, Deliver the Final Blow Deliver final blow with Mana Sword 01:55
21 Journey to the Darkness Ending 01:29
22 The Tale Told by the Wind Ending/Credits Roll 03:54

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