Soundtracks - Seiken Densetsu – Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge / Omoi wa Shirabe ni Nosete

Seiken Densetsu - Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge Publisher: NTT Publishing
Catalog No.: N30D-005
Release Date: 30/Sep/1991
Composed by: Kenji Ito
Arranged by: Takayuki Hattori
Format: CD (out of print)

Taking the already strong and evoking melodies created by Ito, Takayuki Hattori applies the magic of classical orchestration and takes them to new heights. Taking many of the main themes from the game, he forms “chapters” that weave the story together, and achieves perfect transitions between each melody that comprises the piece, telling the tale beautifully. Of a particularly worthy mention is the arrangement of “Mana’s Mission” which includes a lead non-lyrical vocal that fits the piece perfectly with the feeling of the melody, and remains one of my favourite Seiken Densetsu tunes.

A curious note is the translation of the title sometimes being translated as “Put Your Thoughts to Music”, or “Setting Feelings to Music” from the original “Omoi wa Shirabe ni Nosete”.

Track Listing

No. Track Title Arrangement of Duration
Disc 1 – 30:54
1 1st Chapter – Determination Rising Sun, Fighting Arena, Endless Battlefield 03:31
2 2nd Chapter – Menace Glance Dukedom, Dungeon 1, Fight 1 05:59
3 3rd Chapter – Mission Village, Royal Palace, Mana’s Mission 05:56
4 4th Chapter – Friends Birth of Chocobo, Chocobo Theme 04:50
5 5th Chapter – Parting Dungeon 2, Fight 2, In Sorry, Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge 06:55
6 6th Chapter – Decisive Battle Mana Palace, Julius’ Ambition, Last Battle 03:43
7 7th Chapter – Life Legend Forever 04:17