Soundtracks - Seiken Densetsu Original Soundtrack

Seiken Densetsu Original Soundtrack Publisher: NTT Publishing
Catalog No.: N23D-003
Release Date: 15/Jul/1991
Composed by: Kenji Ito
Arranged by: Kenji Ito
Format: CD (out of print) and iTunes
Available from:
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When you have 4 channels and a very limited sound chip to work with, you really have to work at it to pull off a truly remarkable soundtrack, and that’s exactly what Ito has done with Final Fantasy Adventure. Able to string together memorable, emotional melodies with the little technology available, his music brought that added life to the game and immersed the player in the story, with upbeat tracks such as “Battle 2”, the ever popular “Endless Battlefield”, and the always present “Rising Sun”.

Track Listing

No. Track Title Use in game Duration
Disc 1 – 34:40
1 Rising Sun Title Screen 01:43
2 Fighting Arena Battle in the Arena 00:45
3 Requiem Willy is DEAD!!! 01:01
4 Endless Battlefield Overworld Theme before Crystal Desert 01:29
5 Village Town Theme 01:04
6 Town Music (unreleased) 01:45
7 Dwarves’ Theme Dwarf Village 00:52
8 Glance Dukedom Granz Castle 01:30
9 Dungeon 1 Early Dungeon 01:34
10 Battle 1 Boss Battle 01:27
11 Royal Palace Theme Royal Palace Theme 01:00
12 Mana’s Mission Mana Plot Background 01:13
13 Danger! Urgent situation 00:29
14 Jema’s Realization Jema lying in his bed 01:03
15 In Search of the Holy Sword Overworld Theme after reaching Crystal Desert 01:33
16 Chocobo Birth Birth of Chobobo 00:29
17 Chocobo Theme Theme when riding Chocobo 00:52
18 Dungeon 2 Later Dungeon Theme 01:11
19 Moglie When Moogled 00:10
20 Dungeon 3 Dime Tower 00:59
21 Battle 2 Boss Battle 01:32
22 In Sorrow Amanda Dies 01:36
23 Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge Lester’s Theme 01:02
24 Mana Palace Mana Palace level 01:37
25 Julius’ Ambition Julius’ Theme 00:34
26 Final Battle Final Boss Battle 02:03
27 Legend Forever Ending Theme 04:07