Soundtracks - Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu – Sword of Mana Premium Soundtrack

Sword of Mana Premium Soundtrack Publisher: Square Enix
Catalog No.: SSCX-10097~98, SQEX-10038~40
Release Date: 27/Aug/2003, 20/Oct/2004
Composed by: Kenji Ito
Arranged by: Kenji Ito
Format: CD


Marking Ito’s return to Square for another round of Seiken Densetsu, Sword of Mana was to be a remake of the original Seiken Densetsu – Final Fantasy Adventure, this time for the Gameboy Advance, and with it was to go a revamped and expanded soundtrack, taking such classic themes as the Endless Battlefield and, of course, Rising Sun, and applying new instrumentation and sometimes adding new twists to the songs, as well as creating some new original pieces for the game.

The score received mixed reactions, some feeling that it was a job half done; the instrumentation was upgraded to still sound mostly like a chiptune, and this half-arranging fell into neither a full remake or an old rehash. It does offer some improvements on the original, but I think it could have been taken further.

Also with the first edition, a Bonus Disc was issued containing one track lasting less than two minutes which rearranged Rising Sun and Endless Battlefield. Nothing terribly spectacular, and hardly worth cutting a third disc for.

Track Listing

No. Track Title Arrangement of Duration
Disc 1 – 01:09:51
Story Categorize A
1 Prologue ~Awakening Story~ Prologue 01:57
2 Rising Sun Title Screen 02:09
3 A Boy’s Dream Boy Intro Sequence 02:23
4 Fighting Arena Boss Battle in Arena 01:57
5 Requiem Death of Friend 01:10
6 Endless Battlefield Overworld Theme 01:50
7 Dungeon Caves 02:22
8 Battle 1 ~Believe in Victory~ Boss Battle 01:59
9 Jema’s Realization Jema’s Fears 01:59
10 Prayer Hope in Mana 01:32
Story Categorize B
11 A Girl’s Admiration Girl Intro Sequence 01:57
12 Village Town Theme 01:57
13 Easy Scenery Town Theme 02:16
14 Royal Palace Theme Inside the Royal Palace 01:28
15 Placing Thought Under Investigation Lester’s Song 01:05
16 Mana’s Mission Mana Plot Development 01:50
17 Chain of Fate Devius Manor 02:01
18 Under the Starry Sky Interlude 01:12
Story Categorize C
19 In Search of the Holy Sword Overworld Theme 01:59
20 Cactus House Hot House 00:36
21 Dwarves’ Theme Dwarfs / Watt’s Theme 01:09
22 Nightmare Dark Lord’s Theme 01:45
23 Temptation of Doom Haunted Mansion 01:41
24 Lost World Signpost Marsh Caves 01:52
25 Infringement of Time Airship 01:51
26 Entwined Heart Delving into Evil’s Past 01:58
27 Reminiscence Investigation Variation on Lester’s Song 01:01
28 Sprint to the Future Glass Desert 02:43
29 Danger! Imminent danger 00:36
30 Battle 2 ~Touched by Courage and Pride~ Boss Battle 01:56
31 In Sorrow Sad development 02:27
Story Categorize D
32 Lovely Face Times of peace and rest 02:16
33 Time of Determination Dime Tower 02:35
34 Broken World Friends face Vandole 01:54
35 Mana’s Temple Temple atop Mt Illusia 02:11
36 Unvanishing Pain Friends’ Confessions 02:16
37 Eternal Person Julius Kills the Mana Tree 02:11
38 Final Battle Final Battle against Julius 01:41
39 Epilogue ~A New World~ Ending 02:29
40 Legend Forever Credits Roll 03:07
Disc 2 – 31:01
1 Grateful Memories Awakening Tale, Rising Sun Piano ver. 04:45
2 Pure Smile A Girl’s Longing Piano ver. 03:33
3 Rainy Tears Mana’s Mission Piano ver. 04:39
4 Solitude Inside the Sadness Piano ver. 04:39
5 Lost Scene Mana Shrine Piano ver. 04:10
6 Hold Your Heart A New World Piano ver. 04:52
7 Ever Promise Legend Forever Piano ver. 04:23
Bonus Disc – 01:59
1 Rising Sun ~ Endless Battlefield Premium Arrange Version 01:59