Soundtracks - Tsuyoshi Sekito

Name: Tsuyoshi Sekito – 関戸 剛 Tsuyoshi Sekito
Date of Birth: 03/Apr/1963, Osaka
Occupation: Composition, Arrangement, Performance
Best known for: All Star Pro-Wrestling, FF7:AC, Guitarist for Black Mages
Influences: Unknown
Website: Black Mages Official Website
SD Credits: DoM (Composer)


Prior to working for Square, Sekito worked on several titles for Konami by Hideo Kojima, including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His first score for Square would be Brave Fencer Musashi, noted for an excellent series of battle tracks. After several other project, he was asked to arrange the music for the PlayStation remake of Chrono Trigger.

His next major project for Square, after All Star Pro-Wrestling, would be Final Fantasy Origins, where he arranged the tracks for the Final Fantasy II half. His excellent guitar work would also take him to form part of Uematsu’s group the Black Mages, and also to participate in the rearrangement of tracks for the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

His latest works have also included Romancing Saga – Minstrel Song, and of course Seiken Densetsu 4 – Dawn of Mana.