Sword of Mana - Class basics

The bonuses that you can get from leveling up happen when you level up one type for 40 levels. When you select the level up type to reach level 40, you get the bonus item for that type. There is a catch though, you can only do one, and you cannot level up any other types. You have to do this from the beginning. If you want the Magician bonus accessory, then you have to level up magician only 40 times. If you start with mage and then decide to go for magician, you will not get the bonus.

The Bonus accessories are as follows:

Level up Type Accessory Name Power Defense Intelligence Mind Agility
Warrior Warrior General Crest        
Monk Monk Dragon Ring        
Magician Magician Rune Earrings        
Sage Sage Code Bead        
Thief Thief Wishbone        
Random Random Crystal Ring

Level up Types

When you get a level up you can choose what type you want to level up from Warrior, Monk, Magician, Sage, Thief, and Random. Each time you level up you are given 12 points to distribute between your stats, and depending on which type you chose, you can pick where those points go. With all of the stat points given, always 8 of those are split between HP and MP, including Random. Random means that the points are distributed randomly and not with a set amount.

Class HP MP Power Defense Intelligence Mind Agility
Warrior Warrior    
Monk Monk      
Magician Magician    
Sage Sage  
Thief Thief    
Random Random ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Class Types

There are 3 different types of classes in the game, Yellow (Primary), Blue (Secondary) and Red (Final). Once you achieve a class you cannot go back and decide differently. So this means that you should decide carefuly what you want to be before you start. Along with the classes, you get special bonuses too. Such as attack and def stats, or more spirits to use, once you get the complete spirit upgrade.

Warrior Warrior

Yellow class Fighter  
Blue class Knight Gladiator/Gladiatrix
Red class Warlord/Warmaiden
Weapon Master

Monk Monk

Yellow class Grappler  
Blue class Monk Bashkar
Red class Warrior Monk

Magician Magician

Yellow class Magician  
Blue class Sorcerer/Sorceress Delphi
Red class Arch Mage
Grand Diviner/Grand Divina
Rune Master/Runeseer

Sage Sage

Yellow class Cleric  
Blue class Priest/Priestess Enchanter/Enchanteress
Red class Bishop
Dark Shaman/Dark Shamaness

Thief Thief

Yellow class Thief  
Blue class Ranger Ninja
Red class Rogue
Night Blade
Ninja Master

Random Random

Yellow class Barbarian/Amazoness  
Blue class Aesir/Valkyrie Rune Knight/Rune Maiden
Red class Odin/Vanadis
Star Lancer
Fenrir Knight
Dragon Master