Sword of Mana - Li’l Cactus Diaries

1. A Meeting

The Chief met a friend from long ago.
Their relationship’s always rough.
With all of their babbling
And two-fisted squabbling
You’d think they’d get married ‘n stuff.

2. Vinquette Hall

At the vampire’s hall,
Mana Girls and Mavole
Are stuffed into coffins alive!
It looks like they’re sleeping,
What dreams are they keeeping?
When it’s so hot and stuff inside?

3. Fighting Hydra

The Chief went out and found a mirror
Marked with the moon and all.
But carrying it around seems queerer
Than hangin’ it on the wall!

4. Heroine Kidnapped

Dark Lord, that foul monstrosity,
Stormed the nave with dread ferociy;
Took the girl–such animosity!
What’s next? …I’m at a lossity.

5. Rail Carts Rock! (Hero)

The Chief snagged upa rail cart
And got it quickly rollin’
Chief reckons changing tracks’s a pain.
And gets your backside swollen.

5. Fight at the Airship (Heroine)

Cuties getting bished and bashed
By bad guys using magic?
It makes my prickers stand on end
When hearing news so tragic.

6. Fight at the Airship (Hero)

Cuties getting bished and bashed
By bad guys using magic?
It makes my prickers stand on end
When hearing news so tragic.

6. End of the Airship (Heroine)

Airship troubles? Problem solved!
Such havoc when the Chief’s involved.
Brought down the ship without a sweat!
You think Dark Lord’s angry yet?

7. Devius Manor

The Devius Maids, from what I learned,
From Mavolius they’ve all been spurned.
Fall for one, and you get burned!
Unless you like their pointy ears
And glazed eyes that let them see-rs.

8. Bye to Amanda

I turned my face up to the skies
While clouds brought forth the rain.
Tears for Amanda filled my eyes
One day, we’ll meet again.

9. Devius Falls

Rang bells and took a tower hike
Then took out squidface proper-like.
So why’s the Chief so dang depressed?
We can’t do better than our best.

10. Dark Lord Falls

Chief took out that Dark Lord fella
But hasn’t felt the least bit swell-a.
I wonder if the guy meant well-a?
(He shoulda married Isabella.)

11. Malyris, Blood Rain

We stomped a boss, and then the rain
Defrosted everyone again.
But fight a boss? Me, I suppose
A cup of soup’da warmed their toes.

12. Dingy Sword

Chief got a sword from underground
Where many years it settled–
But the rusty junker that was found
Ain’t more than old scrap metal.

13. Glass Desert

I wonder if the Glass Desert
Has got some cute cacti?
The type that’s cute and prickly
Do surely catch my eye.

14. Goremand

Wow! Could you eat a juicy soul
From something that you kilt?
If I myself snacked on a soul
I reckon I would wilt.

15. Pesty Plant


16. Warbot

Though from a regime most tyrannical,
New friend Marshall is so puritanical.
He squeaks when he walks,
Such fun is an ally mechanical.

17. Mana Sanctuary

How could a red dragon get so tall
Squeeze through a gate so very small?
Well, maybe, just maybe,
He entered a baby
And had a growth spurt after all?

18. General Store Ads

I so thought this Quest was a bore,
Chief passing out ads for the store.
Though everyone seed’em
Nobody would read’em,
And all was the same as before.

19. Shiny Knight

We helped out some guy in a pinch,
And snagged him some goodies–a cinch.
But I’m guessin’ the lesson we need:
Was he conned or a true friend indeed?

20. Praying

If every sunset you manage to pray,
Forces above’ll assist you someday.
With the Goddess, I ain’t got a beef,
And I’ll even stop teasing the Chief.

21. Silver Knife

I’ve notice how dwarves
Consist mainly of beards.
Do you think if you shaved one,
He’d just disappear?

22. Detective Story

With pendant in hand.
All returned to the town.
Thank Godess the Chief
Wouldn’t say what went down.

23. Soldier’s Orders

Got close to a shifty-eyed guy,
And found inside him an ally.
But for all the suffering and pain,
We fell far short of fiscal gain.

24. The Point of Church

I think I shall never partake
Something as good as church poundcake.
And don’t forget some cupcakes too,
The prayerful kind they make for you!

25. Mavole Blood

Some weirdo asked if we would fetch
The stomach of a bat.
I don’t think I’ll even ask
The use he has for that.

26. Where is Dad?

I’ll feast upon barbecued newt
Until the day I die.
Whene’er Dad gets it on his face,
I laugh until I cry.

27. Goddess Gracious

A spirit was here all the time
And yet I never knew it!
Just like when Grandma sees a fact
She tends to see right through it!

28. Meteorite Mania

For some junk the Chief did trade
A meteor that was slick!
I hate to say it, but Chief got
The short end of the stick!

29. Shiny Knight II

We helped that glittering guy again,
But me? I’m getting furious!
We’re not some silly errand boys
With a delivery serv-ious!

30. Black Masks

Really! Is it too much to ask
For a gander at Dudbears’ black masks?
But their odor is so dang atrocious;
Like garlic breath with halitosis.

31. Eight Coins

Returned eight coins and then received
Mass brownie points galore!
But then again, the Sword of Mana?
Ain’t that what we’re here for?

32. Chatty Guy

Got stuck with some old chatty guy
Who rambles on for years.
But such a fate is remedied
By tissue in the ears!

33. More Shiny Knight

That glittering guy has got my goat;
All I can do is stare at him!
He takes advantage of our boss,
‘Cause Chief’s a Good Samaritan!

34. A Package

To someone’s grandkid (or Mavole?),
Chief delivered a rhinoloupe.
I got a funny feeling, then,
But now I’m fine, I’ll cope.

35. Resistance

The Chief’s so kind as to provide
A good bit of assistance
To folks who oppose foul Dark Lord
and formed a small resistance.

36. Making Collections

Chief’s been running around the town
Collecting loads of cash.
It sounds like mafia work to me–
But I would keep the stash!

37. Endless Walkway

Chief’s been running around the town
Collecting loads of cash.
It sounds like mafia work to me–
But I would keep the stash!

38. Last Shiny Knight?

The glittering nut! That’s it, enough!
I’ve had it with this clown!
With all that glittering junk he wears
He gleams for miles around!

39. Blacksmith’s Order

A hefty stash of fruit we gave
Unto the blacksmith’s shop.
Else at the mansion, that guy’d get
A boot in his buttock.

40. Merchant of Darkness

Pulled off some dangerous business
and the Chief was never yeller.
I think, perhaps, compared to me,
The Chief’s a badder fella.

41. Seven Wisdoms

Seven Wisdoms… Seven Wisdoms?
I’ve heard that name before
I thought that there were only six
But now they’ve added more?

42. Moondrop

Chief said they found a moondrop
And we’ll make a ton of lucre
I’m starting to get worried
That this may be just a fluke-ra.

43. New Adventurer

I know what’cher thinkin’ now:
“It’s only bad at first.”
I hate to break it to you pal:
From here, it’s only worse.

44. Medicine Stuff

Bubu worm is a close friend of mine,
All a-weaving and bobbing and sewing.
But pull him too hard… he’ll untwine!
I’m so happy that Bubu I’m knowing!

45. Price of Dudbears

Huge group of Dudbears
Good lord, there are so many!
When will it all end!?

46. Poor Old Guy

Abandoned Abandoned Abandoned
Abandoned Abandoned Abandoned
Abandoned Abandoned Abandoned
Abandoned Abandoned Abandoned
Abandoned Abandoned Abandoned

47. Finders Keepers

Chief found this spirit in a rock!
Discoveries are swell!
(And if you find it, could you return
My pill bug’s outer shell?)

48. Icy Sorcerer

The icefield has a nasty chill!
I’m sniffles, snorts, and sneezes.
I reckon on the coldest day
The wind itself can freezes!

49. Spirit Rescue

Dark Dudbears to Mavolia?
But then I could be wrong.
If you want to know more
Next time I’ll tag along!

50. Achy Shaky Heart

Divine protection’s quite a gift!
Though of this I’ve been leery,
A Goddess watches over us?
Hey, Goddess, can you hear me?