The Teardrop Crystal - Episodes

On this page you can find translated Li’l Cactus diary entries, links to episode teasers, translated official summaries, and screenshots for each episode.

Episode 1: Lapis Lazuli (Part 1)

Screenplay: 神保昌登 (Masato Jinbo) / Storyboard: 神保昌登 (Masato Jinbo)
Director: 神保昌登 (Masato Jinbo)

Li’l Cactus Diary Entry

Lapis Lazuli (Part 1)
Someone was being mean.
But then they apologized.
It is great to apologize properly.

Shiloh finds himself in a dream he often has. In his dream, the Mana Goddess appears to him and tells him he has a mission. Shiloh, however, does not yet understand what the dream means. When Shiloh awakes, he finds the young siblings Bud and Lisa, who previously went wild in the town, and recruits them to help harvest fruit and feed his pets before heading into the town of Domina. In town, Shiloh meets Elazul who is desperately searching for someone.

Episode 2: Lapis Lazuli (Part 2)

Screenplay: 神保昌登 (Masato Jinbo) / Storyboard: 頂真司 (Shinji Itadaki)
Director: 川部真也 (Shinya Kawabe)

Li’l Cactus Diary Entry

Lapis Lazuli (Part 2)
A shy girl and
a big monkey were
playing together.

Shiloh chases Elazul into Mekiv Caverns, but ends up meeting the person Elazul was looking for: Pearl. For some reason, Pearl takes a liking to Shiloh, calling him “Big Brother”. Shiloh and Pearl continue to search the caverns for Elazul, but Pearl somehow manages to separate from Shiloh. Shiloh meets up with Elazul, and they continue the search together. Around the same time, Pearl comes face-to-face with a massive monster.

Episode 3: Ruby

Screenplay: 神保昌登 (Masato Jinbo) / Screenplay: 酒井あや (Aya Sakai) / Storyboard: 安部元宏 (Motohiro Abe)
Director: 安部元宏 (Motohiro Abe)

Li’l Cactus Diary Entry

I don’t really know what happened, but
running around on a cliff is dangerous.
My heart is still pounding.

Shiloh decided to travel from Domina to the cliff town of Gato with Inspector Boyd. Arriving in the town of Gato, the two first visited the Temple of Healing. It was at this location that the Jewel Theif’s warning letter had arrived, the same location that houses the “healing flame” that saved the lives of many soldiers during the Faerie War. While Inspector Boyd guarded the temple, Shiloh set out to see if any Jumi were in the area.

Episode 4: Sapphire

Screenplay: 神保昌登 (Masato Jinbo) / Screenplay: 酒井あや (Aya Sakai) / Storyboard: 安部元宏 (Motohiro Abe)
Director: 安部元宏 (Motohiro Abe)

Li’l Cactus Diary Entry

Basket Fish
sounds like a weird and
really creepy guy.

Shiloh and Inspector Boyd followed the Jewel Theif’s warning letter to the Seaside Hotel in the town of Polpota. The two of them worked hard to investigate the Jewel Theif and discover the whereabouts of the Jumi she was after. While interviewing people in town, Shiloh met the knight Thoma, who was investigating the sinking of an Imperial ship. After learning about the existence of a jewel with mysterious powers from a resident of the town, Shiloh and the others headed to the Seaside Hotel where Basket Fish was.

Episode 5: White Pearl

Screenplay: 神保昌登 (Masato Jinbo) / Screenplay: 酒井あや (Aya Sakai) / Storyboard: 頂真司 (Shinji Itadaki)
Director: 川部真也 (Shinya Kawabe)

Li’l Cactus Diary Entry

White Pearl
By some chance, is it not Pearl but
Elazul who got lost?
Glittery tidings?

A seriously insured Shiloh was taken back home, where Bud and Lisa awaited. Serafina and the others did their best to take care of Shiloh, who had a fever. Thanks to their care, Shiloh awoke, but found that Serafina had already left. Inspector Boyd warned Shiloh not to get involved with the Jewel Thief. However, Shiloh was determined to head to the Tower of Leires to obtain a more powerful weapon.

Episode 6: Emerald

Screenplay: 神保昌登 (Masato Jinbo) / Screenplay: 酒井あや (Aya Sakai) / Storyboard: 平田貴大 (Takahiro Hirata)
Director: 平田貴大 (Takahiro Hirata)

Li’l Cactus Diary Entry

It seems a new friend was made
Is a friend of a friend, also a friend?
Does that include me?

Only two months after entering the Academy of Magic in the Mystic City Geo, Serafina has established herself as a friendly and energetic student. She also made a new friend named Esmeralda, who struggles with her abilities in magic class. Around the same time, Serafina and Shiloh reunited during Shiloh’s visit to Geo. Shiloh introduced Elazul and Pearl, who were traveling with him, to Serafina’s friend Esmeralda. It was then that Serafina realized that Esmeralda was a Jumi.

Episode 7: Diamond

Screenplay: 神保昌登 (Masato Jinbo) / Screenplay: 酒井あや (Aya Sakai) / Storyboard: 安部元宏 (Motohiro Abe)
Director: 安部元宏 (Motohiro Abe)

Li’l Cactus Diary Entry

At the beach, there are things like crabs and penguins
and Dudbears.
Seems crowded.

Shiloh, Serafina, Elazul, Pearl, and Esmeralda went to Madora Beach to find Esmeralda’s older sister’s core. While Pearl, who said it was her first time visiting the ocean, was happily playing around, Elazul and Esmeralda began to feel the presence of another Jumi. Suddenly, Shiloh heard a voice calling out. It was a penguin named Valerie. She was incubating her and her beloved David’s egg on Madora Beach. From Valerie, Shiloh obtained information about the whereabouts of a core.

Episode 8: Blackpearl

Screenplay: 神保昌登 (Masato Jinbo) / Screenplay: 酒井あや (Aya Sakai) / Storyboard: 新留俊哉 (Toshiya Niidome)
Director: 新留俊哉 (Toshiya Niidome)

Li’l Cactus Diary Entry

Pearl got kidnapped
Elazul chased after
Got caught, talked it over, fell apart
Seems suffocating.

Pearl disappeared from the inn! Shiloh and Elazul ran posthaste. At first, they thought Serafina had taken her away, but then they found a letter left in the room. Shiloh and Elazul were summoned to Mekiv Cavern, suspecting a trap, and found the detained Pearl and Jewel Thief Sandra waiting for them. After overtaking Shiloh and Elazul with her overwhelming power, Sandra attempted to force Pearl to shed tears, but…