The Seikens Network User Agreement

The administration informs you that by accessing the Seikens Network ( and any or all pages held within you, the user, agree to the terms and conditions of service provision and copyright information stated as follows:

I. The Agreement

(i) Terminology

“Seikens Network” or the “Service” refers to the website, in it’s entirety, as hosted at
“Seikens Network Message Board” refers to the Forum hosted at used for communication between fans of the series covered by the site.
“Seikens Community” refers to the registered members of the Forum, past and present, and contributors to the site listed under the “About Us” page.
“User” refers to you, the viewer of the content of the site.
The “Administration” consists of the following members:
-Mr. Wai Wong (aka. Deques)
-Mr. Weldon Smith (aka. Sheexy)
-Mr. Kassidy M Kearey (aka. Kassidy)

(ii) Changes in Agreement

The Seikens Network reserves the right, to change or modify any or all parts of this agreement at any time at the discretion of the administration, effective immediately upon publication. Your continued use of the service constitutes acceptance of this agreement and its modifications.

II. Rights and Ownership

The World of Mana and Seiken Densetsu franchises and material relating to this including character names, storyline, artwork and music where applicable, are legal property of Square Enix Co., Ltd. The distribution of this content by members of the Seikens Network is done at their own discretion with a view to promote and provide fan-based coverage of the franchise’s products, encouraging when possible the acquisition of original legal products by the user. The Seikens Network is not affiliated in any way with Square Enix Co., Ltd., and views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect their views and ideals.

(i) Layout

The site’s layout, including but not limited to the HTML code, has been designed by Wai Wong for use solely by the Seikens Network, and is copyright the Seikens Network, unless otherwise specifically stated. Some of the graphics used for the layout are based around graphical content and artwork that is copyright Square Enix Co., Ltd., including but not limited to the Side-Menu Button graphics and mouse-overs.

The Seikens Network is powered by WordPress, which is intellectual property of
The Seikens Network Message Board is powered by punBB, copyright Rickard Andersson of
The Seikens Network Shoutbox is powered by Bubblebox, copyright Ailise Projects at
The Seikens Network Gallery is powered by zenphoto, intellectual property of

(ii) Unique textual content

While the products covered are copyright Square Enix Co., Ltd. the coverage of these, including but not limited to reviews, in-depth game information and guides, listings, biographies and bestiary, have been drafted, written and compiled by Wai Wong, Weldon Smith and Kassidy Kearey, unless otherwise indicated, and are intellectual property of these individuals and the Seikens Network, and constitute exclusive, unless permission has been expressly consented and documented by our site, and unique content. The distribution, public transmission or display, sale, modification, creation of derivative works or publication of this content on other sites, in part or in whole, without the express permission of the Seikens will be considered severe copyright infringement.

Where applicable and available, research sources have been quoted and content submitted by members of the Seikens Community has been credited either on the document itself, or listed on the About Us page of the site under Contributors. Please refer to the submissions section for further conditions surrounding submitted content.

(iii) Fan Remixes and Artwork

All remixes of themes from the series are hosted by our page after obtaining permission from the remix authors, in particular a large number have been kindly provided by the Overclocked Remix Community ( All credits, tags and composition has been kept in tact to reflect authorship as rightfully intended. If you wish to host these files on your site, you are requested to contact the musicians in question to obtain their express permission, or the administrators of where applicable.

All fan artwork relating to the series is artistic property of the artists that have submitted their creations for use on this site, and permission for their display has been obtained.

(iv) Mana Music Monday and Album Samples

The Mana Music Monday scheme aims to provide a sample track from a Seiken Densetsu or World of Mana related soundtrack in streaming format. This is intended to be made available for no longer than 7 days.

The Album Samples available in the Soundtracks section have been reduced in quality and are limited to 30 seconds, and are available to be downloaded by the user for personal use.

The tracks that these samples derive from are copyright to their respective owners as stated in their context, and are made available in their limited format with a view to promote the legal purchase via other third parties of authentic physical or electronic copies of the original albums that they represent. Where possible, the Seikens Network has endeavoured to provide the user with the required information to carry out said purchases via the third party distributors.

These services in no way are intended to obtain profit or undermine the proprietory rights of the original authors or their publishing agents. However, should either of these parties or others involved in the production and/or publication of the original material feel that their statutory rights have been infringed upon, the Seikens Network will comply in ceasing the provision of this service at soonest possible execution.

(v) Content Management and Availability

The Seikens Network to discontinue any or all content and services at the discretion of the administration without prior warning. The Seikens Network and all content are provided on an “as is, as available” basis, and are while every effort is taken in keeping the Service error-free, such status is not guaranteed by the Seikens Network or its host.

(vi) Personal Use

You may download and/or make personal, non-commercial copies of the content on this website, in accordance with the usage policies stated under the Sections 107 through 122 of the United States Copyright Act of 1976, and which is not prohibited by said Copyright Act, under the provisal that all copyright information is maintained in tact.

III. Affiliates and External Links

(i) The Affiliation Scheme

The Seikens Network actively seeks and accepts requests for affiliation with other websites, consisting of the inclusion of a link to the third party website in question in a prominent part of the Seikens Network’s layout in exchange for the inclusion of a link to the main homepage of the Seikens Network as part of the third party’s page layout, to the same or similar degree of prominence. The Administration reserves the right to accept or deny affiliation with any websites that apply for said exchange, and accepts the decision of other websites for which the Seikens Network applies for affiliation with.

The acceptance of affiliation is determined based on loose guidelines stated on the Affiliation page, however the Administration reserves the right to base their decision for affiliation on other factors, acting in the best interests of the Seikens Network and the intended audience of the Service.

The Seikens Network holds no responsibility and will not be held liable for content or views hosted and expressed on any third party sites taking part in the Affiliation Scheme, however the Administration reserves the right to terminate affiliation in the event of the third party site conducting in a manner that may go against any or all of the policies the Seikens Network aims to adhere to, such as but not limited to the hosting of illegal or morally innappropriate material.

(ii) External Links

The Seikens Network holds no responsibility nor will be held liable for any content hosted by third-party sites linked by members of the Seikens Community.

IV. Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism Prevention

(i) Plagiarism

In the event that you encounter any content on the Seikens Network, that is of your intellectual property, hosted, in part or in whole, without your express permission having been consented, in a manner that you believe in good faith infringes upon your copyright or trademark statutory rights, the Administration encourages you to contact one of its members and inform them of your claim as soon as possible with a view to remedy the situation in a peaceful manner.

You may be requested to provide the following information with a view to process your claim in the most efficient and timely manner possible:

(a) a description of the copyrighted work(s) or trademark(s) that you claim has been infringed
(b) a description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the Website
(c) a description of where the material can be located in its original state

(ii) Fan/Community Submitted Content

In the best interest of the authors, and when they have consented and/or requested accordingly, sufficient information to contact the authors has been made publicly available. If an author has opted out of public contact information display, the administrators at Seikens will gladly assist you in contacting the author by forwarding on any hosting requests with a view to maintain the author’s privacy where preferred.

If you are the author of fan submitted content and wish to update your contact information, if authorship information is currently not correctly displayed in relation to your musical, artistic or intellectual property, or if you wish to remove any of said property from being displayed any longer as part of the Seikens Network, you are encouraged to contact a member of the Administration so that the pertinent administrative modifications may be actioned at the soonest possible opportunity. You may be required to provide sufficient proof of authorship as to ascertain you are the legitimate proprietor.

If you are the author of fan submitted content and the content has been credited to another author, either through administrative error or through malicious intent by the person who submitted the material to the Seikens Network, please contact a member of the Administration, who will endeavour to remedy this error, either through correction or removal, in the most efficient and timely manner possible. You may be required to provide proof of authorship.

V. Other Policies

(i) Piracy / ROM Backups

The Seikens Network does not and will not host ROM Images of games related or not related to the series or any other form of piracy, nor will tolerate linking to external sources of this nature. The discussion of such material is sole responsibility of the members of the Seikens Community involved, and does not necessarily represent the views of the Seikens Network.

(ii) Family Orientation and Illegal Use

The Administration reserves the right, but holds no obligation, to immediately remove material that is considered innappropriate or illegal from any portion of the Seikens Network, including the Seikens Network Message Board. Such materials include, but are not limited to, virii, worms, Trojan horses, other items of a contaminating or destructive nature, trademark or copyright violations, promotion of illegal activities, defamation, obscenities, pornography, abuse, harassment and threats.

Although the Seikens Network will aim to eliminate any content of this nature with immediate effect, due to the nature of this task it is difficult to uphold a perfect record. If any content that you deem inappropriate is encountered on our website, you are encouraged to contact a member of the Administration, who will endeavour to review your claim and action the required administrative tasks required by your case in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

(iii) Moderation

Members of the Seikens Community are solely responsible for their interaction with other members of the Community. In the event of a dispute, the Administration reserves the right, but is under no obligation, to intervene and take necessary actions with the best interests of the Seikens Network in mind, including but not limited to the closing and/or removal of threads displaying conflict and the temporary or permanent suspension of user accounts.

The Administration also reserves the right to appoint selected and trusted members of the community to carry out these functions, and does so in good faith that these Moderators will uphold good judgement when dealing with conflicts between members of the Community. The Administration also reserves the right to terminate such privileges and responsibilities.

(iv) Damages and Liability

While all material provided has been tested to the best of the Administrations abilities to be virus-free, it is the user’s end responsibility to ensure the correct usage of anti-virus software. The Seikens Network and the Administration will not be held liable for any virii or malfunctions that your equipment may arise as a direct or indirect cause of the use of the Seikens Network and/or any related Services or content, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

A small number of people may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns on a computer screen like those displayed when navigating the Seikens Network or viewing its Content. If in doubt, consult your physician. If you experience such symptoms, please discontinue use of the Seikens Network immediately, and consider contacting your physician for advise on how best to proceed.

By viewing the Seikens Network, you agree not to hold the Seikens Network liable for any damages caused to yourself or your physical property.


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