Visions of Mana

Title Visions of Mana

Our protagonist Val lives in Tianeea, the village of flames. One day, he invites his childhood friend to attend a festival to meet the faeries.

Once every four years, the faeries search the lands to select a child who will travel to the Mana Tree, the entity from which Mana energy flows forth to support the world.

At last, a glittering light falls from the sky and a faerie appears before Val’s friend. He accompanies her as the Guardian of Souls, and they leave with the blessings of their village as they set off in search of the Mana Tree.


Publisher Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Genre Action Adventure
Players 1
Platform PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC
WW 2024

Visions of Mana Producer Message part 1
Visions of Mana Producer Message part 2
After 15 years, another mainline Mana game was finally announced at The Game Awards on December 7th, 2023.