Children of Mana - Equipment - Hammers

The Hammer is obtained after you complete the third mission. Its basic attack has a greater recovery time required than other weapons, and leaves you open to attack. It is powerful, however, and will knock enemies back quite a distances, which can be useful to send them into obstacles the mow them down, or into other enemies. The standard attack also allows you to break large obstacles such as pots and vines that the sword cannot, and will be greatly used to reveal the Gleampool in later levels. Certain gems allow you to reduce the recovery time and increase the distance that enemies and obstacles are launched backward.

The focused attack during Fury will send your character spinning round and round wielding the glowing hammer, turning you into a movable and powerful tornado that can inflict several hits on enemies without knocking them back. There are gems to increase the level of this attack, and by doing so will increase the duration of the tornado attack.

Name ATK Cost LevelReq
      Flick Tumble Pop Wanderer
Mallet 82 Free 1 1 1 1
 A small and versatile hammer.
Steel Hammer 89 2300L 22 23 24 21
 A strong hammer made of steel.
Smith’s Hammer 94 2500L 28 29 30 27
 A large hammer used by blacksmiths.
Magical Hammer 101 3200L 31 32 33 30
 A mysterious hammer made by a mage.
War Hammer 108 4000L 34 35 36 33
 This hammer looks ready for battle.
Viper Hammer 111 See note NA NA NA 30
 A hammer adorned with sharp spikes. – Gold Rank reward for Brightwood. Wanderer Only.
Great Hammer 115 5000L 39 41 42 37
 A huge hammer, powerful and heavy.
Silver Hammer 130 6000L 43 45 44 41
 A solid hammer made of finest silver.
Ivory Hammer 142 7500L 49 50 51 46
 A beautiful hammer carved from ivory.
Dwarven Maul 147 See note NA NA NA 41
  A hammer favoured by metalworkers. – Reward for Rainbow Garden Subquest, Wanderer only.
Mythril Hammer 151 8500L 52 54 55 50
 A hammer made of magical mythril silver.
Diamond Hammer 163 12500L 57 59 60 55
 A hammer made of hardest diamonds.
Dragon Hammer 172 25000L 61 63 64 59
 A hammer made from a dragon’s scale.
Crystal Hammer 183 See note 63 65 66 61
 A hammer imbued with mystic power. – Dudbear reward, or found in Cosmic Rift.
Altena Hammer 195 Ultimate 65 NA NA NA
 A hammer made of Altena alloy . – Flick only.
Runic Hammer 195 Ultimate NA 67 NA NA
 A hammer etched with illegible spells . – Tumble only.
Pocket Hammer 195 Ultimate NA NA 67 NA
 A hammer made from a foreign tool. – Pop only.
Mjollnir 195 Ultimate NA NA NA 63
 The cherished hammer of a great hero. – Wanderer only.
Mystery Hammer 200 Deleted 57 63 71 48
 A strage hammer of unknown origin.
Ultima Hammer 999 Debug only 1 1 1 1
 Debug hammer.