Bestiary - Bird

There are many bird enemies in the Seiken Densetsu series. Generally they have the ability to fly and can sometimes be hard to hit.

Duck Family

These enemies are never classified as birds, but it is obvious they belong here.

Griffin Hands

These enemies are part bird. Get it?

Needle Bird Family

These are the most common bird enemies in the series.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Blood Owl

Blood Owls are always paired with Pumpkins. They are first found in Kett’s place.

Garasha (J)

These birds wearing robes live in the Dime Tower. They are related to the Kimono Birds in SoM.


The Garuda is a boss found at the top of the Dime Tower. It fights by diving at you and shooting feathers at you.

Secret of Mana

Nemesis Owl / Blood Owl

These small owls are found in the Great Forest. They mainly live in the Fall and Winter areas. They like to cast Silence on your characters to confuse you.

Kimono Bird / Garashi? (J)

These large green birds live in the areas around Matango. They summon Pebblers to fight with them and can also cast Air Blast on you.

Kimono Wizard / Garashi Ramu? (J)

These purple Kimono Birds live in the Underground City as well as in the Mana Fortress. They like to summon Metal Crawlers to fight for them.

Spring Beak / Axe Beak (J)

Spring Beak is found in the Sprite Village, and is the monster responsible for the destruction of the village and the deaths of the people there. It jumps around and can sometimes land on you for damage. Its only other method of attack is to cast various Sylphid magics on you.

Axe Beak / Hell Pheonix (J)

This orange version of the Spring Beak is found right before the Red Dragon in the Pureland. It uses fire magic and is otherwise exactly like the Spring Beak.

Seiken Densetsu 3


Harpies in the Seiken Densetsu series are a mix between a bird and a human like those found in Legends. These creatures live in the area surrounding Rolante. They fight with claw swipes and can use a Tallon Drain attack which will deal damage equal to 10 percent of your life. Their attacks have a 33 percent chance of silencing you. Their fangs can cast Stun Wind on an enemy.


Sirens are like Harpies but they live in the Ancient Ruins of light and can be found in a Mirage Palace scene. Their attacks have a 50 percent chance of silencing you. They have a Melody attack in which they sing and drop your max HP by 20 percent if you are hit by the notes. Their Para Feather Flutter attack will silence anyone in range. Their claws can be used to cast Thunder Sabre.


This giant super Harpy is the third boss and is fought in the Rolante area. This giant bird-woman attacks with Air Blast and her own Supersonic attack which hits your entire party. She can also lower your defense and raise her speed.

Legend of Mana


These birds with snakes for tails are usually found in the Duma Desert. They attack by shooting feathers and by biting with their tail. Their tail bite can sometimes petrify you. As a pet they will protect you from being petrified.


Black Chocobos appear as enemies in various places such as the Luon Highway. They attack with pecks and kicks. If you have a Final Fantasy 8 save file on your memory card you can get a Chocobo as your first pet instead of a Rabite. As pets they will clear all status ailments you have.

Garuda / Petit Garuda

Garudas are very rare enemies. They attack by shooting feathers and pecking. As a pet they increase your attack against Aquatic enemies.

Axe Beak

Two Axebeaks appear as the bosses to the Duma Desert quest “Reach for the Stars”. They attack with kicks and pecks and can shoot their beak off like a boomerang.


These Bird people are the followers of Akravator. They simply attack by using various Jinn magics on you. They have a village in the Norn Peaks, after you defeat Akravator they never forgive you.